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The Best Local Experiences in Uusikaupunki

Are you planning a trip to Uusikaupunki? Doerz offers all the best Uusikaupunki experiences. With our local guides you can enjoy many authentic experiences, like a tour around town with a local guide?

Uusikaupunki is a popular destination in Finland. With Doerz you’ll find professional and enthusiastic local guides who will gladly present their hometown to travelers. The most well-known tourist attractions in Uusikaupunki are the Old and New Church, the Bonk museum, the Automobile museum, the Wahlberg museum house and the Pilvilinna art house. In addition to these amazing attractions, Doerz also offers many unforgettable experiences that go beyond the biggest tourist sights.

Browse through our Uusikaupunki experiences and choose your own favourites. We have a wide range of local experiences suitable for different kinds of travellers. We are sure you will find the perfect travel experiences for your holiday in Uusikaupunki, whether you are a solo traveller, planning a romantic holiday, or travelling to Uusikaupunki with friends or family.

Live like a local in Uusikaupunki

Uusikaupunki is a popular travel destination. The city offers intriguing history and amazing surrounding nature. Various tours and sailing experiences are the most popular activities in Uusikaupunki. With Doerz’s local guides you can experience a walking tour with a local guide. Or would you rather jump on galley Olga for a sailing trip?

Also touring around the various museums in Uusikaupunki is definitely among the things you want to experience with the locals. The hidden gems of Uusikaupunki can only be found when a local shares their secrets with you.

What is the best time to travel to Uusikaupunki?

Summer is the best season to travel to Uusikaupunki as the city is at its finest and liveliest during the busy summer months. The city is full of various events and sunshine. However Uusikaupunki is worth seeing at any time of the year. In winter you can admire the Christmas lights and the snowy scenery or try out various winter sports. We advise you to book your experiences beforehand regardless of the season.

Uusikaupunki with children

What to do when travelling to Uusikaupunki with kids? There are many unforgettable experiences to enjoy with your family, like a children’s pirate cruise. Authentic experiences are the highlights of your family holiday.

Memorable travel experiences don’t need to be expensive. With our local guides we offer lots of affordable activities to do in Uusikaupunki. When you book any activity, remember to ask your local guide for insider tips! Our guides are more than happy to share their Uusikaupunki knowledge with you, and give you tips about child-friendly activities you can explore for a very small fee or completely free of charge. A family holiday in Uusikaupunki can be surprisingly affordable.

Romantic holiday in Uusikaupunki

Looking for romantic experiences in Uusikaupunki? Try a walking tour with stories. Our experienced guides know the area thoroughly and can show you the best places for enjoying nature and the amazing scenery with your loved one.

Uusikaupunki is a unique honeymoon destination, and newlyweds looking for something different can head out to Uusikaupunki instead of crowded beach resorts. Authentic experiences in a historical city that’s close to nature are worth the trip from anywhere.

Authentic Uusikaupunki experiences

If you want to explore something original and genuinely local, take a look at our local experiences listed below. When you find your favourites, make sure to book them right away!

All the Doerz’s service providers are experienced locals who know their home area like the back of their hands. With their local knowledge, you will get to know all the best experiences and hidden gems of Uusikaupunki. Many of our guides may even invite you to visit their homes. We recommend booking your experiences in good time before your holiday. If you can’t book your experiences in advance, don’t worry. Last-minute reservations will work out too, and you can even book your Doerz experience on the spot. Please take notice that many of our experiences are organised on demand, and they are available for booking also when there is no specified date in the introduction.

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Children's Pirate cruises with Galley Olga

Mahtava kokemus ja seikkailu tuulisessa säässä merirosvojen kanssa! Mukana kaksi aikuista ja kolme lasta (9v, 5v ja 1v).

Kunsthaus Pilvilinna

Aivan ihana talo, ruusut ja maalaukset. Kiitos paljon, että saimme käydä. Tulemme varmasti uudestaan.

Sailing day with galley Olga to Katanpää fort island

Kiitos, teille kaikille onnistuneesta retkestä. Lohisoppa oli herkullista ja miehistö oli huolehtivaa ja hauskaa. Terveisin kaksi perhettä
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