Sailing day with galley Olga to Katanpää fort island

Unique sailing day and trip to fascinating fort island

Uusikaupunki, Finnland
Angeboten auf Finnisch und Englisch
7 Stunden
34 Plätze pro Erlebnis
Juli - August
Regulärer Preis: 67 €
Kinder: 30 €

Was werden wir zusammen machen?

Unique Sailing day with Northern Countries oldest still sailing Galley, m/aux Olga take you to The Fascinating fort island with its cannons, beautiful nature and exciting quarries which attract visitors of all ages.
You will enjoy Salmon soup and islander´s bread for lunch on board and guided tour of the island.
There is bar at the Sailing boat where you can buy alcohol and non alcohol drinks while enjoying silence of sailing.

Departures from Uusikaupunki harbor on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30, return back to Uusikaupunki 18:00.
Experience lasts approximately 7,5 hours.

Adults 67€
Children 30€ (0-12years)

The maximum number of passengers on Board is 34 and the galley is fully licensed to serve alcohol. the experienced crew of the galley will make sure that your cruise is successful and safe.

Über Heidi - DoerIn

Our Sailing crew is happy to take you to the adventure!

Anforderungen an die Gäste

Ladies kindly do not wear high heels, because you cannot walk inside sailing boat with those.
Its good to have a good shoes for walking at the island.

If you know that you have seasickness, take medicine 30 minutes before sailing trip starts:)




Mukava reissu, osaava miehistö ja hyvä purjehdus keli😊


Yt sauli laihonen


Erinomainen risteily Olgan osaavan miehistön käsissä, myös Katanpään opastusisäntä Grönblomille täydet pisteet 👍


Kiitos hyvä oli reissu


Hieno päivä reissu, iso suositus. Kiitos.😀

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