Rock the City Adventure Game

Explore the beautiful city of Tampere

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Explore the beautiful city of Tampere via Rock The City Adventure Game!

Rock the City Adventure Game is an activity you can do on your own or as a group. Let's turn Tampere into your playing field where easy-to-use ActionTrack mobile app guides you around the city. Along the way you'll find virtual check points that offer you brain teasers and test your knowledge of our beautiful city.

You just have to load a app called ActionTrack, which is available for Android and iPhone. The recommended group size is max 4, if you want to enjoy this activity as a group. You can start at any time you wish, and for example perform half the check points at day one and the rest in following days, depending on your schedule and interest. You can play the game until midnight the 8th of July. After you have purchased the game, you will receive clear instructions and starting code by e-mail. You will receive the email the following day by 11 a.m.

Note: you can play the game and enjoy touring the city of Tampere at any time of the day. Remember that you have to book at least 24 hours before you can start the game.

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A professionally organized event - be it a city adventure mobile game, a well-being event, a team-building activity or a company retreat can create important memories. A successful event or for example activity consists of many elements and at Voltti we go by the old slogan: “Well begun is half done!”.

We are able to be responsible for the entire happening from start to finish, letting you focus on your customers and enjoy the event yourself. Alternatively, you can outsource some parts of your event to Voltti’s capable hands. We really do love events!

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The app can be downloaded to smart devices that support Android and iOS operating systems. Please book 24h in advance.

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