Walking Tour in The Old Town of Raahe

Enjoy the picturesque wooden town of Raahe

Raahe, Finnland
Angeboten auf Finnisch und Englisch
1 Stunde
20 Plätze pro Erlebnis
Juli - August

Was werden wir zusammen machen?

Join us on a tour that takes you to the heart of the idyllic old town of Raahe. Its colourful history is filled with stories from a time when ships were made of wood and men were made of steel. Our guide will give you a peek into the family life of local merchants and their home gardens. The tour takes you to the alleys and market squares that have been witness to heart-breaking love stories as well as some horrible fires but most importantly, have provided the setting for the lives of ordinary people for decades.

The tour is available from July 11th to August 8th on Sundays at 2 P.M. The tour starts from Myhrberg park at Rantakatu 36.

Über Raahen Matkailuoppaat - DoerIn

The Raahe Guides Association was established in the 1980s. We enjoy giving tours of our own hometown, rich with history. Every summer thousands of visitors join us for stories of our beautiful city.

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