The Best Local Experiences in Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris? Doerz offers all the best Paris experiences. With our local guides you can enjoy many authentic experiences, like a bike ride in the heart of Paris with a local guide or a walking tour while tasting delicious French pastries and chocolates. With Doerz you’ll find pleasant activities in Paris.

Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With Doerz, meeting locals in Paris is easy and you’ll find enthusiastic local guides who gladly present their hometown to travellers. The most well-known tourist attractions in Paris are the Eiffel tower, the museum Louvre, the Notre-Dame cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe. In addition to these amazing attractions, Doerz also offers many unforgettable experiences that go beyond the biggest tourist attractions. We recommend that you check out the lively surroundings of Seine river and unique small coffee shops and boutiques. You’ll make the most out of your visit by meeting locals.

Browse through our Paris experiences and choose your own favourites. We have a range of local experiences suitable for different kinds of travellers. We are sure you will find the perfect travel experiences for your holiday in Paris, whether you are a solo traveller, planning a romantic holiday, or travelling to Paris with friends or family.

Live like a local in Paris

Paris, known as the capital of Europe, attracts travellers from all over the world. Paris offers the perfect combination of intriguing history, delicious cuisine as well as amazing architecture and art. The most popular experiences in Paris are the various city tours. With Doerz’s local guides you can experience a biking tour around amazing attractions for example. Or would you rather tour the city on a run with a parisian?

Tasting delicious local pastries and chocolates on a walking tour is among the things you want to experience with the locals. The hidden gems of Paris can only be found when a local shares their secrets with you.

What is the best time to travel to Paris?

Paris is a great destination all year round, but the best season to travel to Paris is spring. In spring the city is at its finest for the blooming nature, the temperatures are pleasant for a city holiday and the cultural life is at its best. In winter you can admire the Christmas lights and visit atmospheric Christmas fairs. For shoppers the famous sales around january-february are the perfect activity.

Each season is different and has something unique to offer in Paris. The busiest and most expensive periods in Paris are around new years, the last two weeks of february and october, easter and july-august. In addition to transportation and accommodation we recommend booking your local experiences early because the holiday seasons are busy in Paris.

Paris with children

What to do when travelling to Paris with kids? There are many unforgettable experiences to enjoy with your family, like a visit in Saint Louis island and tasting delicious parisian ice cream or a day trip to Disneyland Paris. Authentic experiences are the highlights of your family holiday and will be remembered fondly.

Paris has a reputation of being pricey but memorable travel experiences don’t need to be expensive. With our local guides we offer affordable activities to do in Paris. When you book any activity, remember to ask your local guide for insider tips! Our guides are more than happy to share their Paris knowledge with you, and give you tips about child-friendly activities you can explore for a very small fee or completely free of charge. A family holiday in Paris can be surprisingly affordable!

Romantic holiday in Paris

What could be more romantic than Paris that is known as the city of love? Paris has many romantic experiences to offer, like a nightly tour around amazing attractions like the historical Notre-Dame cathedral and the lively surroundings of river Seine. Our experienced guides know the area thoroughly and can show you the best places for spending quality time and admiring the breathtaking scenery with your loved one.

Paris is a popular honeymoon destination, and many newlyweds want to take their wedding trip to Paris. Many of them find authentic experiences in the capital of Europe and romance more interesting than crowded tourist destinations in the south.

Authentic Paris experiences

If you want to explore something original and genuinely local, take a look at our local experiences listed below. When you find your favourites, make sure to book them right away.

All the Doerz’s service providers are experienced locals who know their home area like the back of their hands. With their local knowledge, you will get to know all the best experiences and hidden gems of Paris. Many of our guides may even invite you to visit their homes. We recommend booking your experiences in good time before your holiday. If you can’t book your experiences in advance, don’t worry. Last-minute reservations will work out too, and you can even book your Doerz experience on the spot. Please take notice that many of our experiences are organised on demand, and they are available for booking also when there is no specified date in the introduction.

Bewertungen von Erlebnissen in Paris

Pastry and chocolate walking tour

Thank you, Clèm, for the excellent chocolate and pastry tour! We had so much fun learning about how each item was made and the history of the area! You're the best!

Visit of Ile Saint Louis Paris

Antoiny is a perfect guide and absolutely recommendable. He showed us places we would never have discovered alone. You realize that he has been living in Paris for a long time. We enjoyed the tour very much and recommend you to meet Antoiny!