Bear watching at Martinselkonen

Follow the wild brown bears lives from a comfortable hide.

Martinselkonen Wilderness Center, Finnland
Angeboten auf Finnisch und Englisch
6 Stunden
12 Plätze pro Erlebnis
Juni - August

Was werden wir zusammen machen?

Experience the unique bear evening from a comfortable hide. We will leave from Martinselkonen Wilds Centre at 17 with expert guide to the forest. Short walk from the car to a wooden hide. The hide has 12 places. Each person will have their own chair and photography hole. The hide also has a dry eco toilet.

We wait at the hide the bears to show up from their hideaways at forest. They come to eat in front of the hides. The guide will tell you about the bears. We normally see 5-12 bears during the excursion. Excellent chance to see also bear cubs that we usually have every summer.

During excursion you will get sandwich, coffee, tea and biscuits. Return from the hide in the evening between 22-23.

Über Martinselkonen - DoerIn

Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is the first commercial bear watching company that started 1995. We have a long experience working with the bears as well as nature photographers. We have been really lucky with the bears and we see several bears in all our excursions. We love to show these magnificent animals to our clients.

Anforderungen an die Gäste

You need to be able to walk 400 meters of Forest trail. Please dress according weather.
No smoking during the excursion.

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