Finnish Brewery Tour with tasting

Brewery tour in our OlutMylly brewery with tasting with brew

Forssa, Finnland
Angeboten auf Finnisch und Englisch
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Was werden wir zusammen machen?

Welcome to visit out small family business brewery OlutMylly Forssa. With brewer Mikko you hear guided tour of our production and beers. We taste two beers from tap while hearing our brewery story and how our beers are made. You get familiar with the production. After tour you can stay to enjoy our variety of beers in TapRoom or in the summer terrace outside. You can also buy beers with you from our brewery shop. You are warmly welcome to Forssa brewery with us.

Über Mikko and Anne Silmälä OlutMylly Forssa Brewer - DoerIn

Our familybrewery started in Forssa in 2018. Now few years later our beers are well known, appreciated and Mikko has his reputation making beers with good quality. We are growing all time and we consider this as our lifestyle too. Mikko started making beer 2015 so now with 5 years experience. Our style is Mid-European style beers being easily drinkable but with taste and aroma.




Hello, Was awesome. Thank u.
Mikko and Anne Silmälä OlutMylly Forssa Brewer Mikko and Anne Silmälä OlutMylly Forssa Brewer Nice to hear and have you here. Welcome again some day



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