Candle light dinner at the hut

Enjoy and experience unique dinner in forest!

Forssa, Finnland
Angeboten auf Finnisch und Englisch
2 Stunden
10 Plätze pro Erlebnis
Januar - November

Was werden wir zusammen machen?

In the middle of the mysterious forest there is a hut (lean-to) welcoming You with an open fire. In the hut, You can curl up on soft pillows and relax watching the campfire´s dance. At the same time, the chef starts cooking over an open fire for Your dinner, which is made from local ingredients.

For starters is creamy soup and cheese pastries. The main course is pan-fried vegetables and grilled cheese, cream potatoes, roast meat and salmon prepared by the fire.
The candle light dinner is crowned with more chocolate crepes and berries.

In addition to food, you will enjoy the beauty, silence and relaxed atmosphere of a Finnish forest. The shed is located in Hevossilta area, only about five kilometers from Forssa.

Dinner is available year around and is suitable for e.g. for groups of friends, as a reacreational among staff etc.

Über Tmi sonja virta - DoerIn

Hevossilta is unique historic museum area, and restaurant is open only for order to groups. So we have made this service for small groups to have a different experience. Menu is lactose free. Starter, main course, dessert.

Anforderungen an die Gäste

Proper clothing, hut is cheltered and there is blankets but in cold weather needs good clothing.




Tosi kiva retki, toivottavasti lapsiperheet löytävät tällaisia elämyksiä.

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